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 If you are looking for BNPL companies like Affirm, then it’s worth considering all the alternatives.

Buy Now Pay Later companies come in many different shapes and sizes. There are direct-to-consumer (D2C) BNPL providers and white-labeled BNPL facilitators.

Who is Affirm?

Affirm is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) BNPL company, which enables merchants to offer BNPL solutions to their customers in the US.

Who is Jifiti?

Jifiti is a global BNPL provider that powers white-labeled Buy Now Pay Later programs for merchants and regulated financial entities, such as banks.

How does Affirm compare to Jifiti?

Merchant owns data
Easy to integrate
Enables regulated financial entities to offer BNPL
Customer support
Multiple loan programs

What should I look for when researching Affirm alternatives?

1. Customer relationship
Affirm is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) BNPL provider, which means that the company engages directly with consumers – they are a consumer brand.

Because the consumer’s journey is via Affirm, the customer is exposed to more competitors, which may cause the customer to purchase from the merchant’s competitor, resulting in a potential loss of current and future sales.

With Jifiti, the BNPL solution is white-labeled so the merchant retains full ownership of the customer relationship with no third-party distractions.

2. Multi-lender
To increase sales and build customer loyalty with a BNPL program, you need a solution that comes with high approval rates. One way that BNPL providers maximize their approval rates is by supporting multiple lenders. 

Jifiti BNPL platform is multi-lender with the waterfall model, which means that if a customer is rejected by a tier-1 lender, then the application will be passed along to a quality secondary lender, thereby optimizing acceptance rates.

In addition to increasing customer conversions and sales, the multi-lender approach also helps to build the retail brand, as the customer will associate your brand with a positive financing experience.

3. Data ownership
When you use a direct-to-consumer BNPL fintech, you end up sharing your customers’ data with the BNPL provider. 

 Customer data is critical to helping to understand consumer behavior and provide your customers with personalized customer experiences. 

 As a leading Affirm competitor, Jifiti’s solution gives the merchant full control over customer data through transparent data dashboards.

4. Channels covered
To be successful, a BNPL solution should support all retail channels, including online, in-store and via call center.

Not only should all channels be supported, but the BNPL solution should also seamlessly integrate across every channel, providing the shopper with a consistent and unified user experience.

Both Affirm’s and Jifiti’s BNPL solutions are omnichannel – online, in-store and via call center. 

5. Geographic coverage
Many BNPL providers only provide services in certain countries or regions. 

Jifiti provides global coverage, facilitation BNPL in every international market. The user experience is consistent across every market, giving customers a unified user experience worldwide.

6. Ease of integration
When you decide to implement a BNPL solution, the last thing you want is a complicated, time-consuming integration.

One of the most important considerations when choosing your BNPL provider should be how quick and easy the integration process is.

Jifiti offers the full spectrum of integration options, from no-integration virtual card technology to easy API integration that can have your BNPL program up and running in no time.

7. Enables regulated financial entities to offer BNPL
Jifiti facilitates BNPL programs for licensed banks and financial institutions, enabling regulated financial entities to offer Buy Now Pay Later programs that comply with credit regulations.
8. Customer support
When it comes to BNPL services, you don’t want to just plug into a platform. A successful BNPL program is one that provides full customer support for everything from product and technical support to sales support. 

Jifiti provides an end-to-end BNPL solution, including dedicated technical, product, sales and customer support.

9. Multiple Loan Programs

Jifiti and Affirm both support multiple loan programs including zero-interest split pay products and longer-term installment loans that may come with a low APR for the consumer.

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Affirm vs Jifiti

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the main Affirm alternatives?
  • There are many different types of alternatives to Affirm – some are direct-to-consumer BNPL companies like Affirm, while others are white-labeled BNPL facilitators like Jifiti. Take a look at our full BNPL provider overview to compare all the major BNPL providers.
What are the pros and cons of working with Affirm?

When you offer BNPL through Affirm, you can increase sales and AOV by enabling customers to split their payments into installments. On the downside, because the solution is not white-labeled, you risk sacrificing your customer ownership and data to a third-party provider.

Key Takeaways

Powers every BNPL solution

BNPL isn't one-size-fits-all

  • Need to compare apples with apples
  • Affirm is a direct-to-consumer provider
  • Jifiti facilitates white-labeled BNPL
Powers every BNPL solution

D2C vs White-Labeled

  • Do you want to own the data?
  • Do you want to promote your own brand?
  • Do you want to increase customer retention?
Powers every BNPL solution

Most important criteria

  • Multi-lender network
  • Financing from regulated entities
  • Geographic coverage
  • Customer ownership

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