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Our robust financing intelligence platform provides a single source for all your embedded financing data needs. Harness up-to-date reports to track, analyze and optimize your KPI performance.

Slice & Dice Data

Analyze Details & Trends

Create & Export

Optimize Conversion Funnels

Control Permissions & Security

Access Up-to-Date Information

How Banks & Merchants Use Our Financing BI Platform

The Problem

Using our data analytics platform, Lender A and Merchant A noticed a nearly 14% drop in conversions from one month to the next. 

The Data-Driven Outcome

After evaluating the root causes for the conversion drops and conducting an A/B test, we determined that a new screen in the application user flow was lowering conversions.

After removing the step, the conversions once again exceeded 30%.

Big Picture, Small Details

Robust graphs and intuitive charts provide micro and macro insights, enabling you to set, compare and measure both short and long-term KPIs.

Zoom in to see day-to-day activity and identify problems

Zoom out to spot trends, see the big picture and make data-driven business decisions

Slice & Dice Data

With maps, charts and graphs, you can view or export application and transaction data by location, status, channel, over a specific period of time and so much more.

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