CPG Finance

You deliver on time. They pay over time.

Offer merchants flexible payment terms right within your regular ordering and invoicing system. More liquidity for them, bigger orders for you.

The Need

Selling to local merchants and SMBs often poses a chicken-egg dilemma. They need stock to meet customer demand but often don’t have the cashflow to pay their suppliers before the product is sold. CPG suppliers need to offer more payment flexibility to these retailers. Wholesaler financing options exist but are typically antiquated, manual and not streamlined within the ordering system. 

When merchants are offered flexible payment options at the exact moment they are ordering products, they are more likely to place the order, increase the order size and reorder in the future. CPG suppliers need a way to embed flexible, competitive financing options within their own ordering systems.

Our Solution

Jifiti’s embedded lending solution for CPG companies provides a seamless, digital financing experience that is embedded within the company’s ordering system. We partner with local banks and lenders, create customized front-end user experiences and facilitate the entire financing process, from merchant application through to post-purchase loan management. 

At the time of ordering or delivery, the merchant can easily and immediately receive a payment plan that suits their cash flow needs.  

Why work with Jifiti

Real-time approvals through a fully-digital application process

Competitive payment options from regulated banks and lenders

Streamlined financing across every channel, in-store and via any assisted sales flow

Customizable to fit your needs

White-labeled user experiences embedded within your native ordering & invoicing system

Supports every financial product

Global coverage through one centralized platform

Real-time reporting dashboards to support data-driven decisions

How can we help you?

Reach out to us to discuss your CPG financing needs. 

How it works


Merchant accesses your regular ordering system or CRM tool to place an order.


Financing option is displayed as a payment method.


Merchant applies and the application is directed to a lender for real-time assessment.


If approved, lender pays you directly and the order is placed and processed as usual.


Merchant repays lender based on payment terms.

Empowering data-driven decisions

From big-picture insights to market-by-market data drill-downs, our real-time reporting dashboards empower you with actionable business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

One retail finance platform to power it all

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Quick time to market

Get your financing to market in record time and scale using customizable APIs or our zero-integration assisted sales portal.

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On-brand user journeys

Enable merchants to access payment terms through your native ordering system using our customizable, omnichannel front-end experiences.

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Fully-stacked checkout stack

Access a broad array of checkout and fund disbursement options.

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Loan lifecycle tools

From our robust reporting platform to merchant self-service portals, we’ve got your entire financing lifecycle covered for any merchant.

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