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Flexible Embedded Lending.
Easy as pie integration – simply explained.

A Consumer Financing API For Developers by Developers

With just a few lines of code you can start offering consumer financing immediately!

Whether you’d like to offer consumer financing online, in-store, or via your call center, we provide a very simple lending as a service API, step-by-step guides, and embeddable widgets to get you up and running in practically no time!

You also get tools to monitor your success, drill down into detailed reports and optimize conversions via our merchant and lender portals.

Access the developer portal to learn more.


A fast, secure & stable API. Simple, well documented and scalable.


 Global facilitation enables a seamless process across markets.


 Online cloud lending providing one time loans and revolving lines of credit.

Consumer Financing Flow

How can consumer financing be provided in-store, online, and also for call centers? Learn how to support each stage of the process with simple integration.

Technical how-to explanations, sequence diagrams, and links to API calls are provided – if that floats your boat!

Promotional Widgets

What are promotional widgets and how can they help your business?

Explore the different types of widgets then learn how easy it is to add them to your site!

Merchant Portal

Packed full of charts and graphs, the merchant portal provides all the information you need! There’s also detailed information about every single transaction so you can easily answer customer queries. Misunderstandings will melt into thin air!

Why Jifiti

User Friendly

Unified user experience across all platforms, 
in-store and online


Fully-branded experience from application through to payment

Zero IT Resources

Zero integration required with your POS or ecommerce platform

Enhanced Coverage

Plug-and-play backend connects to any lender

Global Facilitation

Plug-and-play backend connects to any lender

Multiple Loan Programs

Supports installment product, line of credit and pay by 3/4

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