Contractor Finance

The tool every contractor needs to easily offer
home improvement loans

Offer payment plans from tier-1 banks to your customers on the spot, whether on-site, at-home, via call center or in your office.

The Need

Financing a renovation or home improvement project can be overwhelming for the average person. Many turn to their bank for a personal loan, home equity line of credit or mortgage refinancing, only to be taken through a rigorous bureaucratic process. Others look to online lenders and get hit with high interest rates and fees.

Just like in the retail world, customers have come to expect easy and immediate access to competitive financing options at the time they sign with a contractor. They need to find a way to pay their contractor at various project milestones, instead of as an upfront lump sum.

Putting your customers first means providing them  with a fully-digital financing application, an on-the-spot approval process and automated stage funding. But more than that, contractors should offer the most competitive loans from reputable banks and lenders.

Our Solution

With our white-labeled embedded lending solution, any device becomes a customer financing portal. Contractors can offer financing options to customers at the moment they draw up a quote and get them pre-approved by a tier-1 bank or lender in real time. 

It doesn’t matter when or where this happens, whether on-site, at home, via call center or in the contractor’s office. Our solution supports any assisted sales flow, putting the contractor in control of the financing process. 

In cases where the project requires stage funding, the platform can release funds automatically at predetermined project milestones.

Why work with Jifiti

Offer affordable payment plans from regulated banks and lenders

Streamlined across every customer touchpoint: on-site, at home, in-office, online and more

Automated stage funding based on project milestones

Sales portal for assisted application and loan management

White-labeled user experiences embedded within your native quotation & invoicing system

Gain full transparency and control over customer financing data

How can we help you?

Reach out to us to discuss your contractor financing needs. 

How our contractor solution works


We find and connect you with the right lender for your needs.


You finalize your financing program based on your and your customer needs.


We create a branded, customized front-end user experience.


We give you the tools to make your financing program available at any customer channel, whether on-site assisted sales or online.

Empowering data-driven decisions

From big-picture insights to market-by-market data drill-downs, our real-time reporting dashboards empower you with actionable business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

One embedded lending platform to power it all

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

Quick time to market

Get to market in record time and scale globally using ecommerce plugins, virtual cards, or simple APIs.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

On-brand user journeys

Customizable, omnichannel front-end experiences embedded within your native quotation or invoicing system.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

Fully-stacked checkout stack

A broad array of checkout and fund disbursement options, from zero-integration virtual cards to customizable API solutions.

Created with Fabric.js 3.5.0

Loan lifecycle tools

From our robust reporting platform to customer self-service portals, we’ve got your entire customer lifecycle covered for any project.

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