Heavy Equipment Financing

Heavy equipment
requires light payments

Lighten your customers’ load with white-labeled flexible financing for heavy equipment, parts, servicing & repairs.

The Need

Purchasing and owning heavy equipment is no light matter.

In addition to the equipment purchase itself, ongoing parts, repairs, attachments, rebuilds and servicing are key to maintaining the equipment at peak performance.

To build loyal customer relationships, it’s important to provide them with financial flexibility through responsible payment options. 

Our Solution

With our white-labeled embedded lending solution, heavy equipment manufacturers can easily offer payment plans to their customers at any point of purchase in their own brand, whether the sale takes place online, face-to-face at a dealer or via call center.

We provide a modular or end-to-end solution that encompasses the entire financing life cycle, including dealer and merchant onboarding, optimized user journeys and post-purchase tools. We can also facilitate every component that goes into a financial offering, such as customer pre-approval, anti-fraud checks and KYC.

Our platform supports any B2B and B2C financial product, from lines of credit to installment loans, from tier-1 banks and lenders, so that the customer gets the most competitive rates and the right repayment terms for their needs.

Why work with Jifiti

White-labeled user experiences embedded within your native ordering system

Competitive financing options from regulated banks and lenders

Streamlined across every customer channel

Sales portal for assisted application and loan management

Real-time reporting dashboards for full data insights

Supports any financial product including lines of credit, installment loans and more

How can we help you?

Reach out to us to discuss your heavy equipment financing needs. 

How our equipment financing solution works


We find and connect you with the right lender for your needs


You finalize your financing program based on your needs


We create a branded, customized front-end user experience


We give you the tools to make your financing program available at any customer channel, whether via direct sales channels or dealerships

Empowering data-driven decisions

From big-picture insights to market-by-market data drill-downs, our real-time reporting dashboards empower you with actionable business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

One embedded lending platform to power it all

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Quick time to market

Get to market in record time and scale globally using ecommerce plugins, virtual cards, or simple APIs.

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On-brand user journeys

Customizable, omnichannel front-end experiences embedded within your native ordering system.

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Fully-stacked checkout stack

A broad array of checkout and fund disbursement options, from zero-integration virtual cards to customizable API solutions.

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Loan lifecycle tools

From our robust reporting platform to customer self-service portals, we’ve got your entire customer lifecycle covered.

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