About Jifiti

Founded in 2011, Jifiti is a leading fintech company that powers white-labeled embedded lending solutions for banks, lenders and merchants worldwide.

No matter your geo, use case, loan type, or customer channel – we’ve got you covered.

Our mission is to provide access to affordable and responsible financial solutions when and where it matters most.

That’s us in a nutshell. 

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Our Values

There’s no ‘i’ in Jifiti

We’re accountable to ourselves, to each other, to our partners and customers, and to the world we live in.


Integrity is our guiding compass. We’re transparent, honest and direct in our words and our actions.

Be Trailblazers

Always ahead of the curve, we pride ourselves on being innovative and bold. At the core of everything is who we are and the values that we strongly believe in.

The Human Touch

We’re approachable, relatable, playful, fun and friendly. Even though we work with businesses, we communicate human-to-human.


Everything we do serves a greater purpose - of making a positive impact in the world and bringing value into everything we do.

Think in curves, not lines

We champion non-linear thinking and are committed to solving problems in creative and clever ways. We strive to simplify the complex in everything we do and say.

The Team

We’re a family of professionals with backgrounds in tech development, retail, finance, marketing, operations and racing (Walter, our office mascot is a retired greyhound).

We come to the office every morning with two main goals: Lunch and changing the way consumers and businesses pay.

Want to say hello? Want to know the difference between embedded lending and BNPL? Email us at hello@jifiti.com