Tap Now, Pay Later™ for Apple Pay

Deploy your loans in Apple Pay at a tap

We enable banks & lenders to embed their consumer and business loans into Apple Pay with our industry-leading Tap Now, Pay Later technology.

Easy as apple pie. Zero integration required.

Apple Pay is Ripe for Banks

Apple Pay, the fastest-growing payment method in the world with over 500 million users, has discontinued Apple Pay Later and opened its wallet to banks and lenders.

That’s where Jifiti comes in – our Tap Now, Pay Later™ technology enables your customers to add your approved loan into Apple Pay via virtual card so they can easily ‘tap to pay’ like with any regular transaction. Instead of using their credit card to pay, they’ll use their loan funds. 

Same payment process, different credit source. 


Why Use Tap Now, Pay Later™ for Apple Pay?

Increase your credit utilization rates

Convert more customers from ‘lend’ to ‘spend’ through a seamless user experience.

Improve loan application rates

By giving customers their preferred way to pay, you can appeal to a wider customer base to apply.

Capture your share of the modern payments market

With 500 million users of Apple Pay globally and 350 million BNPL users, the market is ripe for the picking.

How to Tap into the Apple Pay Opportunity

Tap Now, Pay Later works seamlessly with Apple Pay, and is a component of our white-labeled end-to-end embedded lending platform.

Our platform is modular, providing every technological tool you need to distribute, originate, approve, disburse and service your loans. 

This means that you can convert more customers from ‘lend’ to ‘spend’ through a single platform. 

Want to get to market quickly?

Built on top of our proprietary virtual card solution, leveraging the world’s most trusted payment railsTap Now, Pay Later™ requires zero integration with the merchant and can go live within hours.

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The Tap Now, Pay Later™ Customer Flow


Virtual card issuance

Customer applies for financing online, in-store, in-app or via call center, gets approved in real-time, and is immediately issued a virtual card linked to your loan program.


Digital wallet web provisioning

At the click of a button, the customer can add the virtual card to their Apple Wallet directly from their web-based loan application. No app download needed and the customer doesn’t even need to view the card.


Customized release of funds

Customer ‘taps to pay’ using their loan funds. Every transaction is checked, in real time, against the customer’s loan/credit terms, applying the right amount based on pre-defined parameters.

Key Features of Tap Now, Pay Later™ for Apple Pay

Quick time to market


Works anywhere that accepts Apple Pay (online, in-store, in-app and more)

Supports all B2C & B2B loan types

Zero integration required

Usable across various brands/stores

Innovative web wallet push provisioning - no app download

BAU with zero reconciliation for the merchant

Iron-clad safety measures

Why Merchants Love Tap Now, Pay Later™


Works seamlessly with the merchant’s existing systems.


‘Business as usual’ for cashiers, like a regular credit card transaction.


Can be limited for use only at the merchant’s own stores.

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