The Jifiti Lender Developer Portal

Flexible Embedded Lending.
Easy as pie integration – simply explained. 

Guides to help you make key decisions

Consider this portal your map to building the right embedded lending solution for your business. 

Empower your business and dev teams with all the resources they need to make these key decisions:

1. Will the BNPL flow be hosted by Jifiti or you?

2. Which financial products will you be offering?

3. Which fund settlement type – virtual card or direct settlement?

4. What additional services do you need?


A fast, secure & stable API. Simple, well documented and scalable.


Seamless, customizable embedded lending experience for any user journey.


 Online cloud lending providing one time loans and revolving lines of credit.

Explanation of the embedded lending process

Get an overview of timelines and the estimated effort required to get your embedded lending solution alive and kicking.


– What exactly is needed from your side

– What your integration options are

– Which APIs you’ll need to provide

Embedded Lending Platform Architecture

Jifiti’s modular embedded lending platform is completely white-labeled and customizable for the lender and merchant. In this portal, you’ll learn all about the different components of our platform.

Detailed guides and component diagrams can help you start mapping your embedded lending solution with Jifiti.

Why Jifiti

User Friendly

Unified user experience across all platforms, 
in-store and online


Fully-branded experience from application through to payment

Zero IT Resources

Zero integration required with your POS or ecommerce platform

Enhanced Coverage

Plug-and-play backend connects to any lender

Global Facilitation

Plug-and-play backend connects to any lender

Multiple Loan Programs

Supports installment product, line of credit and pay by 3/4

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