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How can I offer ‘in-store financing?’

Modern fintech based financing solutions such as Klarna and Affirm are often only available online. If you have an online retail presence but also a traditional brick and mortar store, you should ensure that you are able to offer an omnichannel financing experience. Providing in-store financing may require a high level of complex integration with your point of sale (POS), in which case it might be harder for you to trial alternative solutions. Look for solutions that offer zero integration with your POS, for example, Jifiti uses a digital credit card that can easily be used instore or online.

At what points can my customers apply for in-store financing?

There are various points that customers can discreetly apply for financing in-store. These include:

  • At the retail counter. The shop assistant or manager can help your customers apply for financing at this point.
  • In-store kiosks or tablets. Some stores provide in-store kiosks or tablets in order for customers to be able to apply for financing in a semi-private manner, with assistance easily available.
  • On their mobile. This is the most confidential way to apply for financing and means that no one but the customer will know if their loan application is not successful.
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