What is white-label BNPL?

BNPL is the acronym for Buy Now Pay Later, a type of consumer financing whereby consumers obtain their purchase immediately but can pay over time.

White-label means that the product or service is produced by one company but branded for another company.

With a white-label BNPL solution, the BNPL program is branded for the lender and/or merchant and not for the BNPL fintech itself.

What are the benefits of white-label BNPL?

With white-labeled BNPL, the merchant retains full customer relationship and data ownership. It also helps to strengthen the merchant’s and the lender’s brand as there are no interruptions during the customer journey.

Are white-label BNPL solutions customizable?

If you work with a white-label BNPL facilitator that has a configurable platform, then the solution is customizable based on the merchant’s and lender’s specific needs.

The solution is made up of different components which can be adjusted without needing to build a solution from scratch as they are plug-and-play.

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