Why should I offer POS lending?

These are the top 4 reasons for offering POS lending to your customers:

  • Boost your sales   Customers browsing on your website or online are more likely to make the leap to purchase if financing options are available.
  • Increase average order (AOV) – Providing point of sale finance helps your customers increase their order value as they have more time to pay, allowing them to afford higher quality items.
  • Attract new customers – Providing a streamlined financing program helps attract new customers to your business. These customers might find it hard to receive loans from other sources or are not eligible for a credit card.
  • Payment upfront – Working with POS lenders means that you will get paid upfront for the full price of the item, while they collect the incremental payments from the customer. This limits the risk for you and improves cash flow.

See also POS Financing.

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