GLOSSARY: Embedded Finance

What is Embedded Finance?

Embedded finance is the integration of financial services into the systems of non-financial businesses. Consumers can then apply and get approved for services, such as loans or insurance, directly from the user journey.

Embedded finance vs BNPL: What is the difference?

BNPL is one type of embedded finance, whereby banks and other traditional lenders can offer their consumer loan programs directly to consumers via the merchant’s point of sale or online checkout.

Merchants that want to enable their customers to pay in installments can use a BNPL provider to embed financing programs into their customer journey.
What are the benefits of white-labeled embedded finance?

Benefits for Lenders:

  • New merchant acquisition channel
  • Access to consumers at the place of need
  • Building brand equity
  • Access to valuable consumer data

Benefits for Merchants:

  • Increase sales and average order value
  • Increase customer stickiness through value-added services
  • Retain customer relationship

If you are a bank or lender, and want to learn more about Jifiti’s BNPL solutions for lenders, you can visit our Consumer Financing page for more information.

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