What is B2B BNPL?

B2B BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) is a type of financing whereby business buyers can spread their purchase payment over time, often interest-free, while the merchant or service provider gets paid immediately. 

How does B2B Buy Now Pay Later work?

Like consumer BNPL products, BNPL for B2B is available at the merchant’s point of sale, as an online or in-store payment option.

The business buyer would go through the regular customer journey on the merchant’s site or in-store and then checkout using the BNPL payment option. 

What types of BNPL B2B financing options include Pay in 30 days financing or Split into 3/4 installments.

What is the difference between BNPL for B2B and BNPL for B2C?

Business customers require specialized BNPL solutions because:

  • The purchasing amounts are higher than that of consumers
  • Approvals are more complex 
  • They require different loan terms than consumers

What are the benefits of offering white-labeled B2B BNPL?

Benefits for Lenders

  • New merchant acquisition channel
  • Access to business buyers at the place of need
  • Building brand equity
  • Access to valuable consumer data

Benefits for Merchants

  • Increase sales and average order value to business buyers
  • Increase customer stickiness through value-added services
  • Retain customer relationship

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