Klarna vs Afterpay vs Jifiti

Compare BNPL Providers at a Glance

Looking into BNPL solutions like Afterpay and Klarna?

First, ask yourself this question:

Do you want to white-label your own BNPL customer journey or share it with a D2C fintech?

What is White-Label BNPL?

  • BNPL solutions that enable merchants and banks to offer POS financing in their own brand and customer journey.
  • White-label BNPL providers support different components.
  • Retailer retains control over customer relationships and data.

What is D2C BNPL?

  • BNPL offered by a direct-to-consumer BNPL provider directly to your customers.
  • Merchant risks diluting their brand as well as customer relationship.
  • Consumer data is shared with the provider.

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Afterpay vs Klarna
Affirm vs Klarna
Easy to integrate
(online, in-store)
Enables regulated financial entities to offer BNPL
Reporting dashboard
Multiple loan programs

Key Takeaways


First step is to decide if you're taking the white-label or D2C BNPL route.


White-label BNPL enables you to build long-term customer relationships.


Look for a solution that facilitates BNPL for regulated financial entities.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a white-labeled BNPL solution, the merchant retains full customer and data ownership and runs no risk of brand dilution.

Some merchants prefer to work with their existing bank or choose their own lender when implementing a BNPL solution. With Jifiti’s BNPL platform, you can offer BNPL programs from any lender of your choice, or select one of the banks or lenders in our existing network.

Why Jifiti


Multi-lender network with waterfall means higher customer acceptance rates


Fully-branded experience from application through to payment

Quick time to market

Zero to minimal integration required with your POS or ecommerce platform

BNPL at bank rates

BNPL from leading banks and lenders means more affordable rates

Global Facilitation

Plug-and-play backend connects to any lender

Multiple Loan Programs

Supports installment product, line of credit and pay by 3/4