Laying the foundations for a successful BNPL offering

October 4, 2021

Banks & Lenders


Financial Services

On September 30th there was a meeting of the minds of some of BNPL’s market-makers.

Jifiti’s CEO, Yaacov Martin, sat with Andrew Rostami (Citizens Pay), Jason Turner (Barclays Partner Finance) and Nili Klenoff (Mastercard) in a LendIt Fintech webinar to discuss how banks, lenders and merchants can succeed in the Buy Now Pay Later space.

Watch the recorded webinar here for actionable insights from BNPL industry experts:

In this thought-provoking session, the panelists covered multiple point-of-sale financing topics including:

  • What type of products should be offered at the point of sale?
  • Who should be determining which loan products are available to a consumer?
  • What are the touchpoints for a BNPL offering?
  • Responsible lending and BNPL
  • What opportunities does BNPL create for banks and merchants?
  • How to complement in-house capabilities with third-party offerings