Not just another pair of sneakers: The rebirth of BNPL as Embedded Lending in 2023

August 7, 2023

Banks & Lenders


Financial Services

BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) has been around for years, offering consumers convenient payment options right in the moment of purchase. The Pay-in-3 and Pay-in-4 methods became popular for items like apparel and furniture.

However, 2022 brought changes. With a slowing economy and heightened regulatory scrutiny, customers now seek trustworthy financing solutions from reputable banks and lenders.

This shift paves the way for embedded lending, presenting a vast opportunity for banks, merchants, and service providers.

Watch our webinar featuring industry specialists, Ashley Walton from FIS and Yaacov Martin from Jifiti, as they delve into the rising demand for embedded lending in both consumer and business sectors.

In this session, our experts discuss:

  • BNPL vs embedded lending
  • The potential for banks and lenders in 2023
  • The invaluable nature of partnerships
  • Distinct needs and hurdles of the consumer and business sectors
  • Anticipated growth trends
  • Regulatory landscape
  • Economic implications
  • Trends in purchase values
  • Emerging industries and use cases