From the core to the checkout: Why the new FIS-Jifiti embedded lending partnership is a game changer

August 17, 2023

Banks & Lenders


Financial Services

FIS and Jifiti have partnered to provide banks, financial institutions and merchants with an end-to-end white-labeled embedded lending solution.

For the first time ever, there’s a seamless link between a bank’s core infrastructure and a merchant’s interface, making the lending process more efficient than ever.

David Abbott from FIS and Victor Ofstein from Jifiti shed light on the details of this collaborative solution and its significance to banks, merchants, and the broader industry.

Watch the full webinar where our specialists explore:

  • An overview of the solution: its capabilities and features
  • Advantages for financial institutions
  • Perks for merchants, suppliers, and the general consumer base
  • A practical look at how the solution operates
  • The unique contributions of both FIS and Jifiti
  • Potential users of this solution