User acquisition and the power of thought leadership

Listen to Shaul Weisband, Co-Founder and CMO at Jifiti and Shameer Sachdev talk about B2B marketing strategies, brand positioning, lead nurturing, build tailored messages and content for your audience, and more.

A deep dive into customer trends and responsible lending

In this engaging conversation, hosted by Isabelle Castro, Yaacov dives deep into innovative finance solutions, evolving consumer trends and the significance of responsible lending. He sheds light on fostering family-like work environments, emphasizing value creation through partnerships and collaboration and the vital role of technology in the financial landscape.

An in-depth look into the explosive growth of Buy Now Pay Later

In this Leaders in Payments Podcast, Yaacov Martin, CEO of Jifiti provides in intricate look into the growth of the BNPL industry, embedded lending and insights into the company’s business model that represents a key bridge between merchants, consumers and banks.