FIS and Jifiti Joint White-Label Embedded Lending Solution

End-to-end embedded lending solution for banks and  financial institutions to deliver services like advanced BNPL programs to qualifying merchants.

Convert B2B & B2C customers

Offer any type of B2B and B2C loan through a single embedded lending platform, including lines of credit, installment loans, split pay and more

Launch and scale fast

With the solution pre-integrated with FIS systems, banks, lenders and merchants can simply activate their embedded lending offering

Position your brand

White-labeled solution powers embedded lending behind-the-scenes, building your brand at every customer touchpoint

White-labeled digital front-end journeys

Enabling banks to seamlessly embed any type of B2B or B2C loan product within the merchant’s own customer and settlement journey via: Online, Mobile or at Point of Sale.



At Home

Call Center


Ordering System


Bank App

Marketing Asset

End-to-end embedded lending platform

The solution offers proven loan management systems, secure storage of customer information as well as repayment and collections integration services.

Regulator-ready solution

The solution is built to be regulator-ready, and integrate fully with credit bureaus, bank blacklists and to support all applicable KYC and AML requirements.

Extend global merchant reach

Banks and financial institutions can quickly and easily streamline their lending capabilities and deploy their financing at any point of sale at scale.

Cater to any use case

Expand across any financing use case, including for B2C retail, B2B retail, healthcare, contractors, OEMs, and more.

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