Looking to replace Clearpay?

Easily replace Clearpay with BNPL from your local bank

With our ecommerce platform plugins, online merchants can easily offer Pay-in-3 and any bank financing option to their customers.

How Does Clearpay Compare to Jifiti?

Easy to integrate
(online, in-store)
Enables regulated financial entities to offer BNPL
Reporting dashboard
Multiple loan programs

Comparing BNPL solutions?

How the magic happens

Simply copy-paste new code

Switching over to a white-labeled BNPL solution from local banks and lenders is quick and easy – simply paste in new code.

Easy as pie.

Customizable user experience

With our modular platform, your user experience is quickly and easily tailored to your specific needs.

Supports any financing option

Shoppers all require different financing options.
Our robust embedded lending platform supports every financing program from leading local banks and lenders.

Works for your brand

Think of us as your secret embedded lending superpower.
The white-labeled technology suite that powers your ecommerce financing options from behind-the-scenes.
Branded for you.
Seamless customer journeys. 
No middleman.

Customer journeys designed to convert

Dynamic promotional widgets travel with the customer throughout the user journey, from product pages through to checkout and payment.

Empowering you to maximize conversions at every purchase deliberation point.

Empowering data-driven decisions

From big-picture insights to detailed data drill-downs, our real-time reporting dashboards empower you with actionable business intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

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