Instantly add the most advanced POS financing functionality to your merchant offering

Cut the cord. Accelerate your POS loan program.

A single integration with our platform provides you with the most advanced POS financing functionality to offer to merchants both online and in-store.

Your fully branded financing solution can be implemented ‘wirelessly’ for any merchant using any POS system. Merchants go live and operational within days – no dependency on integration, IT resources or hardware.

How it works: A Seamless and Simple Process

1. You complete a one-time, four API integration with the Jifiti backend

2. Once a merchant is approved, the platform can instantly create a fully branded POS financing experience

3. Customer in-store or online fills in the customized application based on your data requirements 

4. You processes the loan application in real-time. Approval is displayed on the customer’s device

5. Payment stack includes a wide variety of built-in settlement solutions for checkout from zero integration virtual card to direct integration with e-commerce checkout 

The Secret to Scale: Merchant Acquisition Platform

A self-service platform that enables merchants to apply for your POS lending program and launch it instantly once approved.

No POS program yet? No problem.

Whether you’re looking to scale your existing POS financing program or are looking to deploy your consumer loans program at merchants’ point of sale, our platform will get you there quickly.

Lender Highlight

Working with the best lenders in the business

Citizens Financial Group, Inc. is one of the nation’s oldest and largest financial institutions, with $160.5 billion in assets. It selected Jifiti’s platform to offer its POS financing to interested retailers. 

Want to offer a fully branded POS financing solution with the best in the business? Launch a POC instantly.

Sales team?
You’re going to love this.

A live demo is worth a thousand sales calls – that’s why the platform includes a live demo generator for merchant prospects. Your sales team can easily create a fully branded working demo from start to end by simply adding the merchant’s name, logo and URL. So when you’re selling to a merchant, all you need to do is send them a link to their own demo.

Want to see it in action? We’ll be happy to demo the demo-generator. 

Project Timeline: Lightening Fast

Combining Jifiti’s zero-integration along with the self-service onboarding platform, going live with a merchant has never been easier or quicker.

Take a look for yourself.

Full Transparency

Lender admin center includes robust centralized reporting for financing activity across all merchants and brands. 

Grab an overview picture with your morning coffee or drill down to the finest details with your data scientists. 

Value Across the Board


  • A single integration to offer in-store and online financing for any retailer

  • Efficient new customer acquisition strategy

  • Zero overhead to maintain or add a retailer to a financing program

  • Fully branded flow for both the lender and the retailer


  • Zero integration with lender’s systems

  • Short and simple onboarding

  • Maximize revenue by selling large ticket items with suitable financing

  • Easily launch a POC


  • No need to interact with staff to apply for financing and  risk the embarrassment of being declined

  • Mobile-first apply and pay – no need to get a new credit card

  • Simple and streamlined loan application process

The opportunity is there. Now is the time to grow your consumer lending.


The right digital platform enables you to finance more consumer purchases through retailers, which means diversification for your lending portfolios and increased loan revenue.

Word on the Street

"We are delighted to collaborate with Jifiti in Europe as this partnership allows us to deliver seamless checkout financing experiences for consumers. It's a win-win for all the stakeholders."

Simon Forbes

SVP, Business Development, Mastercard

"Jifiti has a commitment to excellence, demonstrated creativity and flexibility for our business needs and never missed a deadline or an obligation"

Erin Limas

CFO, Borsheims Fine Jewelry

"Jifiti speaks to the customer and enhances their experience with the retailer. It simplifies an increasingly complex world of purchasing."

Stephen Milstein

Founding Team, Investor in Jifiti, Burlington Stores


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