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Evolution of B2B Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Space in Canada

February 18, 2024

Banks & Lenders


Financial Services

    Crowdfund Insider connected with Yaacov Martin, CEO of the Jifiti Group, to discuss Jifiti’s recent partnership with Tabit, a B2B BNPL solution provider in Canada, to bring seamless lending to B2B merchants and their customers.

    Business customers need to be provided with access to financing that sometimes differs from that of consumers. With embedded lending programs offered by regulated lenders, demand from the B2B industry is high. The idea is to empower merchants to easily embed any B2B financing plan into every customer journey, using Jifiti’s cutting-edge technology. Merchants get paid at the time of the sale, while customers pay back the lender over time.

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    Jifiti powers white-labeled embedded lending solutions for banks, lenders and merchants.

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