Merchant Acquisition Platform

A self-service platform that enables merchants to apply for your POS lending program  and launch it instantly once approved.

Scale Your Lending Business

With Jifiti’s Merchant Acquisition Platform and last-mile disbursement of funds API, lenders can now offer zero POS integration financing instantly to any merchant.

The challenge: With integration out of the way, how can lenders scale their retail onboarding process in a way that allows them to experience exponential growth?

Jifiti’s first-of-its-kind platform includes a branded application flow and digital funds issuance solution that allows lenders to onboard and manage merchants in a quick and automated method.

The self-service platform allows any merchant to create and verify an account with the lender, upload business information & branding, and accept the tailor-made program terms. The platform identifies their in-store and online merchant ID after which the merchant can start offering your financing program at their POS.

Key Features


Enables lenders to onboard and manage merchants at scale


First ever self-service tool for merchants to offer your financing program


Can power ongoing usage of the card


Automated merchant due diligence process to support merchant’s risk underwriting


Robust merchant and lender reporting center


Perfect solution for franchise-based merchants


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