How Has AI Impacted the Embedded Finance Space in Recent Years?

April 15, 2024

Banks & Lenders, Financial Services, Merchants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dominated discussion across all fintech sub-sectors for at least the last couple of years and continues to do so.

Yaacov Martin, CEO of The Jifiti Group, breaks down how the embedded lending landscape is leveraging AI to good effect: “From an embedded lending point-of-view, one of the most significant benefits of AI is how it can help lenders and merchants personalise the customer loan journey, tailoring financing offers and recommendations based on a customer’s credit profile, purchase size and spending habits, in addition to assisting with real-time decisioning.

AI can analyse a customer’s real-time financial data within the embedded platform through open banking and other third-party integrations—think bank account info or past purchases. This allows embedded lending platforms to present loan options that fit the customer’s current needs.”

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