Experts look forward to the new year in fintech

January 3, 2023

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The year of B2B BNPL.

Jifiti CEO and Co-Founder Yaacov Martin said the B2B BNPL space would blow up.

“Within the B2B BNPL space, there are two buckets, and we expect both to develop almost separately in 2023. One is where businesses need BNPL when buying office furniture, and the second is where businesses need working capital.”

“These two use cases are very different from one another. Individuals buying for businesses are also consumers in their capacity and are demanding the same easy access to financing for their business purchases.”

“We expect to see both of these buckets or segments grow. Specifically, we expect greater and more seamless access to small and medium businesses seeking working capital, especially when underwriters can access their historical transactional data.”

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