Gift Registry Software: Case Study

THE IKEA BUSINESS CONCEPT: Vision and Business Idea

IKEA’s vision is “To create a better everyday life for the many people by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them”

The Need:

Although IKEA is one of the most recognized home furnishing brands in the world, it held none of the $30B per year gift registry market. IKEA Portland wanted to change that by implementing IKEA’s first multichannel gift registry solution. Their challenge however was that integrating a gift registry application into their existing systems was going to be a huge undertaking and, like for many retailers, the anticipated cost of ongoing system maintenance was more than their budget would allow.  A secondary issue was how to handle the fact that, although affordable for an individual homeowner, many of IKEA’s furniture related products are priced above the typical guest’s gift spending threshold.

The Challenge:

As in-house development was not an option, the obvious challenge was to find an existing enterprise level gift registry platform that could address all of IKEA Portland’s needs.  It would need to be scalable and cost efficient, include regular system updates and enhancements, require minimal resources to manage at the IT, operations, and customer support levels, and (if required) integration would need to be easily achieved.

The Solution:

IKEA Portland connected with Jifiti and addressed all of its gift registry needs in a single robust platform.  Utilizing  Jifiti’s existing SaaS-based gift registry solution and its unique stored value approach to gift redemption, IT resource and integration requirements were minimized  allowing IKEA Portland  to deploy its fully branded multichannel gift registry system within 90 days.







With its ever evolving gift registry platform, Jifiti was able to provide IKEA Portland and its customers with the state of the art, end to end gift registry functionality – including a true multichannel experience on desktop, mobile web, mobile app and in-store kiosk.

IKEA Portland’s customers can now use their desktops or mobile devices to create, manage and share their gift registries. Mobile devices can be used to scan product codes and add items to a list while in-store or mobile friendly product catalogs can be used to add items from home or while on the go. Guests are given the flexibility to purchase gifts in-store or through the integrated e-commerce gift registry site. And, to help with higher priced items like sofas, dining sets or even a complete kitchen, guests have the ability to use Jifiti’s exclusive “Chip-In”, or group gifting, feature to contribute any dollar amount towards the purchase of the available gift. A win-win for both registrants and guests.

Built on Jifiti’s MasterCard partnership, gift redemption is a quick and seamless process. Couples are able to use their MasterCard credit online or at point of sale to redeem their gifts. And, if a customer’s needs have changed since the creation of their registry, they have the flexibility to use their funds towards anything else in the store – saving both themselves and IKEA Portland from having to deal with costly and time consuming returns.

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