How Evite Became a Leader in Digital Gifting

Evite is the leading digital service for bringing people together. With a wide array of free, easy-to-use invitation designs and inspirational party-planning tools, its customers have sent over 2 billion event invitations, enabling approximately 3 billion unique face-to-face connections.

Evite makes getting together effortless and more memorable for its 100+ million annual users by sending 20,000 invitations every hour and handling hundreds of millions of RSVPs every year. Launched in 1998, Evite is headquartered in Los Angeles and is a subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation attributed to the Liberty Ventures Group (NASDAQ: LVNTA, LVNTB).

The Need:

As the leading online service for bringing people together, Evite makes planning events effortless and more memorable, with digital invitations, greeting cards, RSVP management and personalization. The next most natural step after RSVP’ing for an event is sending a gift, which was exactly what was missing in the Evite equation.

The Challenge:

Building an e-commerce platform to enable digital gifting can be expensive and require extensive resources. Partnering with leading retailers can also require significant time and expense to manage logistics, order processing, fulfillment and shipping.

The Solution:

Evite partnered with Jifiti to rapidly implement its proven Gift Store solution. Now, with just a few clicks, Evite event guests can easily send a gift from dozens of leading retailers, without leaving their invitations on








Sending and Receiving a Gift:

After selecting a gift, the Evite guest enters the recipient’s email or mobile phone number and writes a personal message. Following a quick checkout, the recipient receives the link including the personal message inviting them to unwrap their gift online. They can then either accept the selected gift and enter their shipping address, or choose to receive the value of the selected gift as store credit instead.

The Evite Instant Gift unique gift checkout allows the guest to send a thoughtful gift without having to know a shipping address, while giving the recipient the flexibility to decide if the gift they received is something they want or need before it’s shipped

The Process:

Evite can display a ‘Send a Gift” button on Evite event invitations. Without leaving, the button opens an Evite Instant Gifts modal powered by Jifiti. Guests can browse gifts from leading retailers such as Amazon, Toys “R” Us, Land of Nod, Brookstone, Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, DSW, GameStop, Gap and many others. Gifts can be filtered by retailer, budget and age of recipient.


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