Financing furniture

World’s leading banks. 
Most competitive loan programs. 
At your point of sale.

You’ve got the furniture customers love. We’ve got the best POS financing platform on the planet. Your store can now access the best loan programs at your point of sale and your customers can instantly get approved for flexible and transparent payment plans.

Launching a fully branded POS financing experience with Jifiti requires ZERO integration on your end (yup, we do all the work). And we’ve got you covered both online and in-store.

Financing furniture

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The right consumer financing solution increases sales by 32% and boosts average order value by up to 75%. It’s not magic (we promise). BNPL solutions convert lost sales by making higher ticket items more affordable so you have fewer abandoned carts to collect.


Banks have the capital to offer competitive loan programs to your shoppers. Tapping into this pipeline with the right BNPL solution makes it more affordable for customers to finance and complete purchases. The bottom line is we help you and your customers save money.


Jifiti puts your business front and center with fully branded financing products. Customize the product just the way you want. Plus, by partnering with recognized, trusted banks and lenders, like Citizens Pay, you’ll build customer confidence and loyalty. 


Jifiti lets you launch in a jiffy (see what we did there?).  Getting your POS financing solution up and running is as simple as placing a single button on your site. You can go live in a matter of days, with zero-integration and zero-hassle. 


Jifiti offers a wide range of implementation methods, starting from zero integration through direct integration to your online or in-store checkout. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. 

Works with any e-commerce platform.


The entire flow happens on your site and is fully customized for your brand. You own all the user data. And the best part it’s a simple plug & play. Just embed the button on your website and you’re good to go. Yes, it really is that simple.

A bit more about us...

Jifiti is a leading fintech company on a mission to bridge the gap between lenders, retailers, and consumers. Jifiti’s white labeled platform enables banks and lenders to provide point-of-sale financing by seamlessly deploying their competitive consumer loan programs at any merchant’s point of sale. Merchants and customers can now benefit from the best loan programs offered by the world’s leading banks based on Jifiti’s cutting edge technology and user experience, both online and in-store. Jifiti works with leading financial institutions including Mastercard, Citizens Bank, CaixaBank, Credit Agricole, and retailers including IKEA, Walmart and others worldwide.


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