On September 30th there was a meeting of the minds of some of BNPL’s market-makers.

Jifiti’s CEO, Yaacov Martin, sat with Andrew Rostami (Citizens Pay), Jason Turner (Barclays Partner Finance) and Nili Klenoff (Mastercard) in a LendIt Fintech webinar to discuss how banks, lenders and merchants can succeed in the Buy Now Pay Later space.

In a thought-provoking session, the panelists covered multiple point-of-sale financing topics including:

  • What type of products should be offered at the point of sale?
  • Who should be determining which loan products are available to a consumer?
  • What are the touchpoints for a BNPL offering?
  • Responsible lending and BNPL
  • What opportunities does BNPL create for banks and merchants?
  • How to complement in-house capabilities with third-party offerings

Watch the recorded webinar here for actionable insights from BNPL industry experts: