The Team

There is no "i" in Jifiti


Behind every great team is a great coffee machine that keeps it going.

Jifiti has pulled together top professionals with experience and a proven track record in the fields of Payments, Database administration, Mobile and Marketing.

We've already proven that ‘impossible’ is a tentative status.

We were going to put up the individual pics of each team member and write a quick abstract of their future eulogy like every other site. But that gets pretty boring pretty quickly.

So just follow our team Instagram profile and see the real us.

Quick facts about some of the Jifiti team:

Shaul: Our CMO, still claims that the Winklevoss twins stole the Facebook idea from him. He just doesn’t have the money to sue.

Meir: Our CTO, claims that the X-files was based on his life.

Yaacov: Our CEO, will talk down the price at a dollar store.

Daniel: Our VP of Operations, is most probably the one spiking the office water cooler with whisky.

Eran: Our VP of Product and R&D will answer any email within 4 minutes. 24/7. Try him –

Yifat: Our lead coder, has quit smoking 589 times since she started working for Jifiti. She just did it again.

Slava: Our lead Android programmer, was named the Jifiti mascot. He was asked many times to take part in the hit show, ‘Dancing with the Nerds’. See for yourself.

Malachi: Our DBA, who no one can remember hiring here at Jifiti, is able to cook lunch for the entire team using nothing but old hard drives.

Maya: Our lead iOS developer, is... well... no one has really ever heard her speak. We can only assume her hobbies include building custom Harley's over the weekend and extreme sky diving.

Ilya: Our front end developer can finish a jar of m&m’s without taking a finger off the keyboard. Pure magic.

Daniel: Our lead QA once stayed in his office and worked for 72 straight hours before a big product launch. We have no idea what he did about food or drink.

Moriah: Our project manager still thinks she will convince the entire Jifiti team to eat healthy. We all know she is eating the Jelly Bellies when (she thinks) we’re not looking.

Stephanie: Our IKEA Portland Project Manager now speaks fluent Hebrew. She knows one word, but is fluent with it.

Jeff: Our designer works with 15 different screens at once. People in the office still think he is an NSA analyst. His favorite music is ‘whatever’.

YOU: Is your middle name ‘awesome’? Then click here to join our team.


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