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What is Jifiti?
Jifiti is a gifting platform that allows you to share your favorite items while walking through your favorite stores. The best part is that your friends and family can actually buya gift or easily chip in with one click directly on the jifiti.com platform.

I was walking through my favorite store and saw something I would love to have. What do I do?
Open your Jifiti app and hit ‘Add Gift’. Select the store you are in, and scan the barcode – you’ll see the product pop up on your screen.

The product popped up on my screen after I scanned the barcode. How do I make sure it’s the right size and color?
That you make sure when you pick up your gift in the store or online. Just make sure it’s the product you’re wishing for and it’s the correct price. After all, your friends and family are happy to buy you the gift you want, no matter the size or color.

I’m not loving the catalogue picture. Can I switch it with a different picture?
Sure! You can make your gifts a lot more personal by taking a picture of yourself with it. Either right after you scan the product, or even while it is on the list, simply click on the camera icon and switch the picture.

I found an awesome gift I would like to receive. How do I tell my friends and family?
After you scan the gift, you will have a short wizard on the bottom of the screen where you will be able to share the product using social networks, email or sms. You can always share a product while it is on your gift list also. Want to kill a few birds with one stone? In the gift list screen, easily share you entire list with your friends and family.

A gift was bought for me. How do I get it?
When a gift is purchased you will receive a notification in your inbox. Simply open the notification, hit ‘claim gift’ and use that screen to checkout of the store with your gift.

A bunch of friends chipped in for a product, but didn’t reach the full amount. What happens then?
At any time you can click on a gift in your list and hit ‘Cash in’. The amount collected until that point will be put on a gift card and sent to your inbox. You can easily add to the amount when checking out with your gift, or simply choose something else within your budget.

I scanned a gift in one of your partnering stores, but it didn’t find the product. What’s going on?
The Jifiti app will usually find the products in the store. Just like anyone else, sometimes we swing and miss. No worries, you can easily add the gift manually – adding the picture, name and any details you want. Make sure the price is correct – because that is what your friends and family will be paying for it. Once the gift is purchased for you, simply walk into the store and pick it up with the in-app notification.

I scanned a gift, but the picture on the phone shows the wrong color. What’s going on?
Sometimes a certain barcode represents a product in different colors. You will always be able to select your gift in the right color when you pick it up in the store or order it online. Want to make sure everyone sees the right color? Snap a picture of the item by hitting on the camera icon on the product picture.

I came back to the store to redeem my gift but it was out of stock. What do I do?
Have the store order it for you or simply logon to the store's website and order it online. You can still pay for it using your in app notification. See something else that you love? You can always use that same notification to buy something else within that price range.

Do I have to pick up the gift in the store once it was purchased?
No. You can order it online by going to the retailer’s web site and using the gift card number in your gift notification in your app’s inbox. Keep in mind that if you did select ‘pick-up’ after scanning the barcode and not ‘shipping’, you will probably have to pay the shipping fee on the retailer’s website.

Do I have to pay a shipping fee?
If you decide not to pick up your gift in the store, the extra charge for tax and fees will usually cover the shipping price as well, since you won’t have sales tax. You may have to add on a small amount, depending on the shipping you select on the site.

I’m purchasing a gift for a friend on Jifiti.com. Why am I paying tax for an online purchase?
Your friend is going to be able to walk right into the store and pick up their gift, so the extra charge is a provisional amount just to cover the sales tax in the store.

Does Jifiti charge a fee for the service?
The fee charged on the website is generally used to cover the in-store sales tax when the gift is picked up.

How do I contact customer service?
Shoot us an email at customercare@jifiti.com and we’ll get right back to you.